Built-in Gas Hob, a Standard Option for You

The old-fashioned countertop stoves are not in use anymore. And, if you’re remodeling your kitchen or setting a new one, you should consider picking a built-in gas hob. These gas hobs not only come with a wide arrangement of features, which add convenience to cooking, but also easy to clean and good looking.

Also, the modern gas hobs are beautifully designed and add contemporary appearance to your kitchen design.

Below are a few of the advantages that you acquire with most built-in gas hobs.

  • You have a choice of steel or glass surfaces, and both are highly easy to maintain.
  • These appliances have the feature of auto-ignition that illuminates the burners with just one click.
  • As the gas hob is fitted at the level of the counter, and it doesn’t project outside, so you might handle heavy kitchen utensils reliably.
  • The edges of this hob are fitted into the counter in a reliable way, and this makes the cleaning of the cooking surface a breeze.
  • The cooking temperature could be easily adjusted as every burner comes with its heat control.
  • The design of the burners confirms uniform heating.
  • Well, the gas pipes and electrical wires are hidden, so your kitchen appears neat & clean.
  • When the modern gas stoves are compared to their conventional counterparts, the hobs are highly safe to use and have been designed to adapt to international protection standards.
  • Some high-end gas hobs have a security feature. Well, this feature cuts off the gas supply if the flame goes off. Some of these appliances have an in-built timer for cooking as well.

And, let’s look at some disadvantages of a built-in gas hob for rounding off your buying decision below.

  • The gas hob is at a lower level than a conventional stove, so your little children might reach that easily. For children should not be allowed near any stove whether that’s a hob or any other type.
  • There will be an everlasting cut in the countertop. Therefore, you couldn’t move your body around the position of the hob.
  • The liquid spill of the countertop will also flow into the hob and burners because both entities are present at the same level.

Hmm, as you could see, the advantages of a gas hob are more in number than the disadvantages. If we helped you in making up your mind, here are some more factors you might consider for your decision of purchasing a gas hob.

Need for upfront planning:

Always decide the site of the hob during the planning phase. And, the countertop will require to be cut in the exact dimensions of the hob. So, this task should be completed before the installation of the cabinetry.

Arrangement of the chimney:

Then, when you’re planning the cabinets, ensure that the chimney is arranged exactly above the hob. If the chimney and hob are of somewhat different sizes, shift the centers of both units in one line.

Installation of the hob:

A qualified professional is essential for the installation of the built-in hob. Such workers align the hob and chimney in one direction entirely and cut the countertop in the exact dimensions as specified by the manufacturer. So, if too much section of the countertop is cut, there will be an opening in the countertop. Then, if too little segment is cut, the hob will not sit correctly within the provided space.

Price implications:

Stainless steel surfaces are less costly than glass ones. Well, while both options look good, the glass surface will not become scratched as easily as the stainless steel one.

Burner numbers:

Gas hobs are available and have options of 3 to 5 burners. So, always make your choice while keeping in mind the largest size of the vessel that you use on a regular basis. And, the distance among these burners must be enough for accommodating different sizes of the vessels easily.

Cleaning of a built-in hob:

If you choose a stainless-steel gas hob, you shouldn’t use steel scrubbers that could scratch the surface of your hob.

For regular cleaning, apply a damp microfiber clothe or sponge for cleaning spills and stains. Then wipe your hob with a soft dry clothe. And, use only those organic cleaning agents that are gentle on the surface. Plus, avoid cleaning the hob with too much water so that the liquid could not enter the holes of the burner because the burner will not light up until the water dries out.

Besides, regular cleaning by a professional is recommended for keeping your gas hob in the working condition perfectly. Such people will be able to open the inside of the gas hob and examine all the parts that are not accessible from the outside of this hob.

Hmm, while the gas stove might be a small part of the kitchen, there are several factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing the appliance for your house. So, follow the above tips, and you’ll know what to search for!

What is the best brand that is the seller of built-in gas hobs within Pakistan?

Rays is a firm of Al-Fatah Electronics that offers multiple household appliances for sale. Well, Al-Fatah Electronics or a project of Al-Fatah Group was founded in 1981. This company sells home appliances that involve water dispensers, microwave ovens, and air conditioners, etc. Plus, the brand has been serving its Pakistani clients for more than three decades.

Plus, when we analyzed the built-in gas hobs of Rays, we concluded some remarkable points. So, the relevant appliances of the company are purchasable for having multiple burners, high durability, automatic ignition feature, & cost-effective nature, etc.

Best Built-in Gas Hobs in Pakistan 2021


Hopefully, you might have understood all points regarding the built-in gas hobs. And the brand, Rays, sells quality built-in gas hobs. Hmm, if you want to analyze the price/cost and other features of standard hobs on a reliable online store, do visit Rays website. It might be that you could acquire the product of your choice. Well, that’s all from our side. And, keep on visiting our blog for new, engaging, and useful pieces.