How to Pick an Instant Water Heater

Instant water heaters are acquiring popularity among users due to their compact sizes and fast heating. These water heaters are employed for diverse applications in homes. Depending on your requirements, you should install geysers in your kitchens or washrooms. Instant water heaters have 1-3 litre capacity and feature high wattage of 3KW, and, in some situations, 4.5KW for rapid heating. Such water heaters are simple to be installed and used. Also, the selection of the right water heater is significant for its secure usage in the long run.

There are various considerable factors before you choose the right instant water heater

Plus, the crucial parameter for choosing a water heater is always its technology. And, the most important factor is the material and construction of the inner container or tank of a geyser. Typically, stainless steel (SS) is applied in a geyser. Although stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, the weld joints of the tank of a geyser are prone to corrosion and leakage, specifically under hard water conditions. Well, a glass-lined internal container of a geyser is most effective for hard water machines because glass-lining delivers the highest resistance to hard water and scaling. Technically, an anode is also employed along with glass-lined tanks that offers an extra layer of safety.

Well, geysers should have a good pressure rating because these products are gradually being employed in high-rise apartments and homes that have pressure booster systems. And, a pressure rating of 8 bars is ideal for such applications.

Moreover, the tank thickness of a geyser mainly ensures a high-pressure rating and years of leak-free working. Plus, glass-lined water heaters characteristically have 2mm thickness, and this is best suited for such appliances.

Besides, the heating element of a geyser plays a crucial role in providing consistent hot water as desired by a consumer. Then, the heating elements of geysers are made of incoloy material that is proven to provide you with long-term performance. A glass coating is also provided to the incoloy element of a geyser to enhance its durability. So, while selecting your instant geyser, keep the point of glass coating in perspective.

Also, the compact and modern designs of geysers, which go with your house decoration, are notable for instant water heaters. The external body of a geyser is characteristically made of polymer matter. Then, an ABS (a kind of polymer) body acts as the best fit for providing long-lasting shine for years, and this polymer also acts as an insulation layer between the tank of a geyser and its environment. Instant geysers should be compact to fit into tight spaces or areas. And, the height of a water heater is vital for installation needs, particularly for compact washrooms where ceiling heights are short. Installations of compact instant geysers are relatively easy. The space and adequate power supply are the basic needs of a geyser to get this installed and initiated.

And, with increasing demand, several instant geyser choices are available in the local market. But, the consideration of the above factors for an instant geyser is crucial for picking an instant water heater to ensure your peace of mind and seamless item performance.

Best Geyser price in Pakistan:

Model Price in Pakistan
Rays 6L-PB Instant Gas Geyser 6 Liters ₨10,500


Rays 6 Liters Instant Geyser WL-606 ₨11,000


Rays 8 Liters Instant Geyser WL-808 ₨13,800


Rays 8L-SS Instant Gas Geyser 8 Liters ₨14,900


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