Different brands and prices of Electric Kettles in Pakistan

Different brands and prices of Electric Kettles in Pakistan

Boiling water, brewing coffee or tea, preparing hot chocolate and soup, making noodles, boiling eggs and much more – we often find ourselves stuck in these petty yet time-consuming tasks. Majority of the times, these chores require multiple vessels, only adding to our misery later. The electric kettle performs all these time-taking tasks in a jiffy, without having to put in a lot of effort. We can utilize an electric kettle for bubbling milk, tea, espresso, and also for other numerous purposes from fermenting tea or espresso to making noodles for late-night hunger. In a short span of time, electric kettles have made their way into everybody’s kitchens. The apparatus is not only helpful for us, but it’s also very convenient as it provides the ease to complete certain cooking tasks effortlessly. It is versatile easy to handle, hence, it can be placed anywhere inside the house. Similar to other home appliances, the market is filled with numerous brands claiming that they’re offering the best electric kettles that meet your requirements and expectations.

The kettles available in the market are integrated with advanced features such as boil-dry protection, limescale filter, power ratings, water level markings, soft-touch handle, concealed element, and keep-warm function. Buying the best electric kettle can be a daunting task. To assist you in making the right choice, we did thorough research to compile a list of the best electric kettles that you can purchase for your home.

1. Rays

Rays’ electric kettle comes with a 2 liter capacity which is reasonably spacious. Not only that, it has double sided water mark levels and power storage at the base. Rays’ electric kettle is transparent which lets your cleaning duty become easier and allows you to see when the water reaches its boiling point. Unlike other brands offering electric kettles, Rays’ pot is made of glass ensuring more reliability. The exterior is designed in such a way that it will go with your kitchen no matter which color it’s painted with. It boils water only in 45 seconds, YES! That’s right, just 45 seconds. Given these amazing features, you’re probably thinking the price would be a little out of your budget. However this kettle by Rays comes at a reasonable price of 3000PKR only. To shop this amazing kettle visit and get it delivered at your door step.


2. Sencor

Sencor’s fast boil kettle can retain approximately 1.5 litres of water at a time. It comes with a protective filter for removing all the impurities and deposits. It shuts down automatically when removed from the base and also when the boiling point is reached.


What makes this kettle different from others is that it comes with a sunlight controller, which means it can be powered through the sun. This saves you electricity and also serves your part in protecting the earth. This ergonomically shaped bottle comes at a price of 2000PKR only which seems to be a fair deal given the great features it has.

3. Scarlett

Scarlett electric automatic switch kettle holds up to 2 litres of water at one time, which in comparison to the Sencor is much more. More capacity means less wastage of time and more efficiency. With this electric kettle, your water will boil in a flash, and if you can’t get ready as quickly as the water does, hit keep-warm and it will stay piping hot. The founders of this kettle are experts in the modern world of small appliances and are passionate about providing their customers dependable, efficient tools that will make life in the kitchen fun and easy. This amazing kettle comes in the reasonable price of PKR 1600.

4. My Shop Electric Mug

Technology has advanced to the extent that now you can have your very own electric mug to warm water for your solo self to satisfy your cravings. Although it holds a lesser capacity of water, its many pros still outstate the cons. If you’re a student living in a hostel or someone who’s living alone in their apartment, and you want a warm cup of coffee each morning for yourself, this is the best fit for you. Not only will there be less wastage of water, but it’ll be less time taking too. Its elegant body and strong structure made of stainless steel ensures high quality, which is why it can be used for a long time. This cute electric mug comes at a reasonable price of 678 PKR, and this is definitely worth every penny.

5. Anex

Anex is a well-known brand in Pakistan. It is known for its electronics since 1999. Anex electric kettle uses 1850 to 2200W of electricity to power itself. It has the capacity of 1.7 litres of water, which is reasonable in comparison to others.


It also comes with a 2-year warranty, which is greater as compared to other options. However, a kettle that is doing the same job as the Scarlett kettle with much less capacity, having a price of PKR 3000, is a little expensive. However, besides its price, it has been a successful product so far according to the reviews on their page.

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