How to Pick the Right Air Cooler for Your Home (2022)

In places such as Pakistan where the average temperature goes up to 50 degrees, air coolers became a noteworthy part of a major household across the country. The usual air coolers are particularly useful in hot and dry areas.

Due to the low power use, simple operation & fresh air throw, air coolers became a famous cooling solution. But, among several companies and their respective models, selecting the most-efficient choice could be an exhausting task. Therefore, this is important for one to acquire a fair idea of the kinds, attributes, and prices/costs of air coolers before investing in one.

Below is a list of the most common kinds of air coolers that are available in the market.

Personal air coolers:

Personal air coolers are mainly meant to be employed for personal use in small areas like bedrooms, hostel rooms, or small offices. These appliances are energy-efficient and are quieter than desert air coolers. These machines are comparatively small, compact, and portable cooling units that you could place near your bed, couch, or dining area.

Usually, you could find these air coolers in water storage capacities of up to 20 litres having castor wheels for trouble-free movability. In addition to portability, the best features of these coolers include less energy use and quiet operation.

Desert coolers:

Desert coolers are often used for large spaces in hot & dry areas and have large tank capacity of up to 90 litres, so one does not have to bother refilling that in short intervals of time. These are ideal for restaurants, classrooms, office spaces, medium-sized rooms, large-sized rooms, and prayer halls. The coolers are perfect for dry weather conditions, so you could use these coolers even in outdoor spaces like a terrace or backyard.

Plus, the huge tank capacity, powerful pumps, and huge fans of these coolers make them suitable for long operational hours.

Tower coolers:

These coolers are slimmer versions of air coolers that are suitable for places having space shortage.

Window coolers:

Window coolers are particularly designed to properly fit right into the windows. These coolers are installed in open windows and therefore do not take up floor space. These appliances could be used in small to middle-sized rooms and office spaces. Plus, these have a tank capacity of 40- 60 litres.

One thing which must be confirmed while placing an air cooler is the area at which the cooler is placed. This area must have good cross ventilation that would help decrease the humidity in the area. You might complete the kind of air cooler based on the region you’re living in, the available space, and the needed tank capacity. Other features like design, portability, alarm, and humidity controller could then help you find your perfect summer partner.


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