5 Reasons why you need an Air Curtain | 9 Things need to know about Air Curtains

We need to keep in mind that we live in an increasingly polluted world. This is why it is important to protect our lungs and airways.

It is good to have an air curtain in your home or office, especially if you have animals at home as they can be a major contributor of dust, pollen, and other allergens. Even the cleanest animal owners will find the occasional pet hair on their floor or furniture. Air curtains are also perfect for people with any kind of allergies or asthma. For people who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (also known as MCS), they can create a safe environment that prevents exposure to substances like odors, dusts, and fumes from building materials such as carpeting and particle board furniture

Air Curtains:

Many businesses use them because they actually have many health benefits and cost savings. If you are not one of them, check all the things air curtains can do in your workplace.

What is an Air Curtain?

The air curtain is as it sounds literally: the wind curtain blows over the open doors. These devices are designed to provide continuous air flow to all openings, hence the name air doors. You have likely encountered them in shops and restaurants, and they have many advantages. Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should install air curtains in your business.


  1. Air Curtain Reduce Energy Bill
  2. Air Curtain Attract More Customers
  3. Air Curatin Make Workers More Productive
  4. Air Curtain Keep the Temperature in Control
  5. Air Curtain Keep Workspace Clean      

Air Curtain Reduce Energy Bill

Air curtains actually prevent air from escaping or entering your work area. With the exception of one, the heat pumping inside the winter comes out whenever the customer opens the door. This allows you to use the heat for longer and longer, which saves a lot of money on your business. The same thing happens in the summer. Your cold air goes out and warm air enters. Air curtains keep the air warm and cold where they should and save you money. For some businesses like Costco, their doors to the exit are always open, allowing cold and hot air to enter and exit at all times. Air curtains are a must for these businesses.

Air Curtain Attract More Customers

If you do not have air curtains installed, you are forced to keep your doors closed to prevent hot or cold air, insects, allergies from entering the workplace. But the air curtain blocks all that. Open doors are welcome, and encourage more customers to come in, which increases your business opportunities.

Air Curtain Make Workers More Productive

Slightly too hot or very cold temperatures can disrupt the work performance of your employees. Air curtains keep your indoor temperature stable, which will make your employees more comfortable and allow them to be more productive.

Air Curtain Keep the Temperature in Control

Because no unwanted drafts can come in or go out, the inside temperature stays as you wish. Doors working near the doors will not be blown away by the cold or warm air every time someone enters your business.

Air Curtain Keep Workspace Clean

Air curtains actually put the health of your employees and customers first because they prevent harmful substances from getting inside. These can be things like airborne pollen, dust, dirt, and bad smells. They even act as your pest control. Flies and other insects find it difficult to cross the tide of air curtains.

If you do not already have air curtains in your workplace, finding one should be a priority. Although they can take money out of your pocket now, they will save you a lot of money in the future. They may make more money by attracting more customers. Looking for other ways to save money on your work? Look at these closed doors above.


9 Things need to know about an Air Curtain

  1. Waste of energy can be costly to occupants of a building. Investing in windmills can provide instant pay.
  2. Air curtains create a comfortable working environment, reduce indifference, keep cold air from entering the winter months and windy summer air. They also increase energy efficiency and conservation.


  1. In order to use maximum power, air curtains must be specified in the structure, planning and development stages. In some cases, installing an air curtain after the building has been completed may mean compromising and may mean reduced efficiency.


  1. Air curtains create an invisible barrier that separates the different temperature zones without restricting the movement of people and vehicles. Models are available to work well in open spaces from small feed dots to doors up to 6m high.
  2. Hot or non-heated electric water is available. Non-heated units are widely used in areas used in the cold store, where the air curtain effect is reversed to close the cold area.
  3. Air curtains are controlled in different ways. The easiest to use remote control switch that controls the flow and speed of fans. This control is most effective in areas with heavy traffic when the doors are always open. In some places thermostatic controls may be used, or automatic activation using door switches. Air curtains are increasingly linked to building systems.
  4. Whether new or redesigned, choosing the right air curtain for the type and size of door is essential. The right decision is usually straightforward. The air curtain should cover the width of the door and have an air flow corresponding to the height of the air curtain. Other factors that may affect the size of the door are open air load, traffic capacity and type of entry, such as office, reception area or loading area.


  1. It is important to choose strong units that are designed to last a long life, especially in difficult areas. It should also be easy to install and connect


  1. When appearance is important it is important to choose units that are designed in style. Another solution is an airtight curtain. When installing these units should be allowed adequate air flow and an unrestricted outlet. Access to nutrition should also be considered.

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