5 Reasons to Use a Garment Steamer

It is no surprise that the popularity of a garment steamer has grown exponentially, given its benefits. A garment steamer is an electronic device used on fabrics, primarily to add freshness and create a win-win situation. Two variants of the device exist – handheld and full-sized, the former for households and the latter for commercials. Investing in a high-quality garment steamer is worth it in the corporate sector, where the clothes get noticed. We often limit our thinking about this particular product, and the many ‘advantages’ brings unnoticed, creating a barrier between informed purchase decisions.

How to Use Garment Steamer

The practical part is critical. We must fill the cylinder with distilled water to the maximum level, and then plug the device into the nearby socket. Then we need to place the cloth on the hanger and start the steaming process after 2-3 minutes. For better results, the steamer needs to be some inches away from the fabric and in a downward movement. Once applied to every part, we need to unplug, let the device cool down, and preserve the cloth and steamer. Isn’t this simple?

Reasons to Use

There exist five core reasons that justify the use of an electronic garment steamer. They are as follows:

  1. Kills Bacteria
  2. Tackles Spots
  3. Removes Wrinkles
  4. Adds Freshness
  5. Energy–Efficient


1: Kills Bacteria

Keeping clothes clean in this world full of pollution is difficult without a garment steamer. The excess heat applied to the fabric is a source of bacteria removal. Besides reflecting an unpleasant odor to the environment, bacteria spread like fire and cause many toxic diseases. A garment steamer utilizes hot vapors and eradicates the root of bacteria. With temperatures exceeding 180 degrees Celsius, germs are effectively dealt with. Consequently, this boosts the wearer’s confidence and creates a win-win situation.

2: Tackles Spots

The second on the list is the removal of deep spots. It doesn’t matter if you spill oil or juice on your clothes; a garment steamer will take care of it for you.  An individual needs to add a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon with the distilled water and operate the device as usual. The combination increases the probability of removing deep spots from the clothes, similar to dry-cleaning. However, dry-cleaning consumes much of your time, whereas a garment steamer does the same job in minutes!

3: Removes Wrinkles

Wrinkles are noticeable creases or lines that take place when clothes are folded or crushed. Wrinkles are appalling to the human eye and must be treated at the earliest. An electronic garment steamer utilizes heat and humidity and softens the wrinkles formed on clothes. It is also scientifically proven that hot water expands molecules and preserves the original state. Unlike ironing, the device consumes far less time, and the results one can experience it!

4: Adds Freshness

The fourth on the list is adding freshness. After steaming, one can perceive the cloth as a newly-purchased. The hot vapors detach the odor-causing bacteria and allergens that accumulate for the period. Dust mites negatively impact the fabric by reproducing in numbers, creating a lose-lose situation. Just plug the device into a nearby socket, let the steamer be ready, and apply it to every part of the cloth. Positive results are inevitable.

5: Energy-Efficient

What we have last on the list are energy efficiency goals. Garment steamers consume less power than traditional irons. Power consumption details can be easily compared from online marketplaces or local retail outlets. The power depends upon make and model, with the lowest recorded being 200 kWh (Kilowatt Hour). Unlike dry-cleaning, the garment steamer is free from detergents and chemicals, reflecting no harm to the environment. Be it any way, the product outclasses its counterparts and is worth the investment, be it a handheld steamer for household use or a full-sized steamer for commercial use.


We reach an end here. The benefits associated with the steamer justify its existence in households. There is no doubt that garment steamers are a perfect alternative to dry-cleaning and ironing, and people are increasingly interested in the product as a way to make life easier overall.