3 Tips for Buying Best Smart LED TV

There are a few tricks and hacks that are actually valuable for purchasing smart LED TV sets from the local markets. These tricks ensure that the decision made is favorable in the long term, and these tricks suit you in accordance with your requirements.

That’s what this article is all about; that is to help you have the best outcome. After the decay of simple plasma TVs, purchasing modern tech-integrated smart LED TVs became complicated for consumers. But after reading our recommendations, you’d feel more confident to make the right decision for yourself.

Best screen size considerations for a smart LED TV:

The screen size of an LED TV is one of the highest factors to see when purchasing the best smart LED TV. In the markets of electronics, you could find different screen sizes of LED TVs that range from 20 inches up to 90 plus inches. But this truly relies on where you’d be placing your smart LED TVs. The TV sizes could differ for TV lounges and rooms. For settling this issue, consider observing distance in advance. But you must be wondering how to calculate this distance. Right? Below is a rule of thumb that’s given below for your ease.

Well, for a viewing distance of 6 to 8 ft, a TV size of 32 inches is advised. Similarly, for 8-11 feet and 11 to 13 feet, the TV screen sizes should be 50 inches and 55 inches respectively. For 13 to 15 feet, 60 inch TV size is recommended. And, for 15 feet TV size, 65 inches+ television size is regarded appropriate and so on.

Choosing either HD or ultra HD (4K) smart LED TVs:

An HD smart LED TV set has 1920×1080p resolution. This means, in a typical HD LED TV, there’re around 2 million pixels that are, in simple words, the dots that define picture quality and determine the clarity and clearness in your visuals. Plus, 4K TVs are ultra-HD TV sets having the screen resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. This means that deep picture details, vivid colors and crystal-clear images are meant for enjoying a highly reliable entertainment experience.

The 4K smart LED TVs are acquiring fame day by day. But these are high in terms of pricing. And, the pricing of a product justifies everything at the end of the day. If your product is budget-friendly, it’s strongly recommended that you should go for 4k smart LED TV sets coz you don’t purchase high-ticket products every single day but only once in a short period.

Purchasing a smart LED TV means selecting something for years to come. Nobody compromises on quality entertainment in the age of Netflix and other online streaming channels.

Perfect viewing angle for watching a smart LED TV:

Various smart LED TVs of companies have different maximum viewing angles. When purchasing such an LED TV, try to look for a set that offers you the maximum viewing angle. For examining the precise viewing angle of a TV, move towards the sides, and move away from the centre of the screen. The point at which you start experiencing dim pictures, less contrast visuals and decreased colors, consider that angle the maximum viewing angle for your smart LED TV. Attempt to avoid LED sets having minimal viewing angels for your best choice and to save yourself from regrets while watching your TV with friends & family.

LED TV Price in Pakistan:

32 Inches Smart LED TV ₨31,999
58RS9500 Full HD Smart LED TV 58 Inch 94,999
32RS9500-Inch Smart LED TV Ultra Clean View 31,900
43RS9500FL Full HD Smart LED TV 43″ 53,999



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