Do food processors truly worth the investment in 2022!

Hmm, if you are an appliance junky, the view of any new and shiny piece of kitchen appliance should push you towards reaching your husband’s wallet quicker than you snatch the remote-control device during primetime. But as it is said haste makes waste, you should think things through and weigh your decision logically before you invest in costly kitchen appliances. We’re here to guide you through the whole procedure. Now our question for the day is whether you should invest in a high-quality food processor or not.

Before we move on, let’s first understand the functions of a food processor. The device is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance, and it is sometimes referred to as the all-in-one kitchen assistant.

Functions of a food processor:

A food processor is the combination of all the small kitchen appliances you’d see in every home. In fact, this appliance could do so much more if used expertly in some situations. But first, let’s discuss some jobs that a food processor could do reliably. These are:

  • Blending
  • Pureeing
  • Grating
  • Chopping
  • Slicing
  • Whisking
  • Churning
  • Kneading
  • Mincing
  • Shredding
  • Dicing

Well, that’s quite a long list of tasks if you ask us. This proves our point that food processors are multi-functional when compared to other small kitchen appliances.

Who should employ food processors?

We all love electronics items, specifically to solve our issues and help improve our lives. The same rule is applied when you’re opting for kitchen appliances. You have to understand the type of people who could benefit from buying this appliance. And, if you’re anyone among those specific categories, you might securely invest in a food processor.

Categories of people requiring food processors:


1.       People who prefer to host big feasts at their homes mostly:

Unless you have a gazillion of servants who are waiting for your every command, a lot of prepping is required when you host parties & feasts at your home/residence. Therefore, when you’re opting for a kitchen appliance that makes your work swift is the best choice.

2.       People who desire to pre-prepare meals on their weekends:

Weekdays are great for families where both spouses are working as full-time workers. But the management of work, household chores, children’s school & extra-curricular activities is boring. So, if you’re related to this group, you must be either planning or prepping your meals beforehand. Well, the preparation of your meals & regular tasks is made quick and easy with the help of a food processor.

3.       People who have budget limitations and space boundaries:

Yes, in place of investing in several kitchen appliances, you should opt for one home appliance that completes a multitude of tasks for you. Similarly, to store individual kitchen appliances along with their boxes and manuals is a source of irritation.

4.       People who live in joint-family systems:

If you aim to become a favourite daughter-in-law of your house, you have to cook delicious food. And, cooking for a bunch of people is not an easy task. So, you have to buy an all-in-one kitchen assistant to help you seal the deal.

5.       Foodies who love to experiment and tap into their creative side during cooking:

A food processor helps you in your passion for trying new flavours and cuisines. Now, if you belong to any of the groups mentioned above, investing in a quality food processor would be good enough.

Features of a food processor:

Well, your head might become dizzy if you go unarmed and unprepared in your nearby electronics market.

So, don’t worry. We plan to help you in this regard as well. Firstly, do brief research before starting your quest for the ideal food processor.

The following points could be served as a base for your research:


The price is probably the foremost factor that we should search when we desire to invest in a costly household appliance.

2. Guarantee:

Brand warranties are crucial aspects that you should check before making any purchase. And, long brand warranties might seem elegant, but the process to claim; repair; and exchange are highly upsetting, so the clients mostly give up.

3. Features:

You already know that a food processor is a multi-unit appliance. This means that no matter which model you select, you’d have more or less the same set of equipment/parts. What makes each model of a food processor unique is the set of extra accessories and attributes like durability and security.

4. Size:

We think that the food processors are bulky and heavy machines that employ a lot of counter space in our kitchen. But you’d be surprised to see that even multi-purpose appliances (e.g., food processors) are available in compact sizes and are very lightweight as well. So, let you select the appliance as per your requirement.


Well, we hope that you might have understood all the important points regarding the food processors. Moreover, Rays (the brand of Al-Fatah Electronics) sells standard food processors and has been operating for a long period. Besides, if you desire to examine the price and other features of any food processor related to a credible store, do visit Rays website. Hmm, there are high chances that you might attain the item of your requirements. So, that’s all for today; plus, keep on visiting our blog for more useful/effective pieces.