Effective Microwave Ovens of Rays (2022)

An oven is essential for homes in Pakistan as a kitchen appliance. Why? The reason is that microwave ovens are gaining popularity day by day because of their several functions like heating, defrosting and baking, etc. In the old days, such appliances were regarded as neither important nor effective for cooking or heating healthy food items. But in today’s age, people know that these kitchen appliances are changed and for a good reason. The reason is people have noticed that ovens are practically safe to use due to their latest technological advancements and healthy food products.

What are the top-level microwave ovens of Rays that could make your day if you try them?

We analyzed some top-level microwave ovens of Rays and concluded some points. These are:

25L built-in microwave oven AWM-25 review:

When we analysed 25L built-in microwave oven AWM-25 of Rays in detail, we concluded the following noticeable points:

Strong physique:

This oven has a strong body coz the appliance is made up of stainless steel and has a reliable mirror glass door. The tough body of this oven helps you stay away from the tension of its breakage or harm of any kind.


The oven has a child lock for protecting your children. This lock prevents them unlock the oven without your permission.

Attractive design:

The design of this oven is elegant by nature. So, your machine looks beautiful in accordance with the kitchen designing.

Moderate price:

The microwave oven is also cost-effective.

Other features:

The additional features of this oven are multiple micro power levels, several built-in auto cook options, and standard LED display, etc.

High load capacity:

The load capacity of the oven is high or 25 litres.

Built-in microwave mgc1035ts review:

When we analysed built-in microwave mgc1035ts in detail, we concluded the following notable points:

Durable machine:

The oven is robust for being made of durable material such as high-quality glass.

High-level capacity:

The load capacity of this microwave oven is high enough or 38 litres.

Inexpensive appliance:

The appliance is cost-effective by nature.

Other features:

Other features of the oven are:

  • Efficient touch system
  • Beautiful design
  • Multi-functional nature (e.g., defrosting, heating, and grilling)


Hopefully, you might have understood all points regarding the topic, the effective microwave ovens of Rays. One more point. Rays or the brand of Al-Fatah Electronics (empowered by Connect Solutions) has been selling standard microwave ovens for a long time. If you want to examine the price and other attributes of quality ovens on a credible store, do visit Rays site. There are high chances that you might gain the microwave oven of your needs. Well, that’s all for our reader today. Also, keep on visiting our blog for more effective/useful pieces.