4 Causes to Replace Your Juicer with a Blender

In the past, several people viewed juicers as magical appliances because these machines do a little more than your fruit and vegetables and bring both flavorful drinking as well as physical health within your reach. Well, when you examine a juicer, particularly in comparison to a high-performance blender, another story might appear for you. So, four reasons are available that tell you why a blender gives you more benefits than a juicer.

Juicer’s juice is high in sugar and low in fiber unlike the smoothies of a blender:

Firstly, a blender competes with the juicer’s potential of nutrition. You add kales, carrots, and apples into your machine (a juicer). Right! And, aren’t turmeric, cayenne, ginger, and other flavorings that are found in juice good for you? Sure, these articles are nutritious, but a juicer extracts liquid from fruit and vegetables and leaves a collection of nutrient-packed solid things for being discarded.

Regardless of what foods you employ, the juicer’s juice is high in sugar. And, negligible grams of the fruit’s fibre that is healthy for your heart remains in that liquid for you. On the other hand, when you add fruit and veggies into a blender, the blade crushes the entire pieces of added things. What’s the result? Well, you get all the vitamins, minerals, and fibre through the product of the blender for yourself.

Food waste is an objectionable matter:

Secondly, there is another consequence of using a juicer. When you are left with solid food articles that you discard after some time, you become wasteful. Juicers contribute to our national waste and leave you with much pulp that is possibly thrown in the garbage. And, when you blend food ingredients in place of extracting juice from them, you are not only left with heaps of wasted food but also the juice that is low in fiber. And we don’t know about you, but we love chunks of bananas or strawberries in our smoothies.

Cost is a big considerable thing:

Thirdly, the notion of food prices comes to our mind. Juice needs more materials than you might expect. Materials are not cheap, particularly if you’re buying them from the farmers’ market. You should ponder how much sugar and how much small level of fullness you acquire for the cost when you invest in juices. This is true that other forms of fruit and vegetables, such as salads, might be similarly set in terms of price-per-calorie. But these things don’t come with the heavy degree of rich solid waste. This truth is something that makes investment in quality juices hard to justify from a budgeting standpoint. When you’re paying for juices, this requires that you should use your financial sense as much as you can.

Another notable item:

Many juicers are expensive. And, blenders could be costly too. But there are many models of blenders whose performance is not compromised for low price tags.

Cleaning could be a nightmare:

When we talk about pricey juicers, yes these are expensive. But these appliances are very difficult to be cleaned and requires much of your time during cleaning. For example, after you make a glass of juice, the inner portions of your machine are covered with a fine slurry of food segments. And, the sticky leftovers become harder and longer to be cleaned when you let them sit in the appliance. So, maintaining juicers requires much time. And, for cleaning a blender, all you have to do is fill the appliance with some water and dish soap and give the blender a whirl for cleaning.


In other words, there are better ways than using a juicer to improve the flavour of raw fruit and vegetables. These ways might make more environmental and financial sense for you. So, if you want to drink your fruit and vegetables, yoghurt and peanut butter, & spices and powders, consider the use of a blender. The drink that results through a blender is thick; yes, that’s the main point. You employ valuable plant solids rather than discarding these articles. So, you honour the planet, farmers, and foods through your blender in a remarkable way.

This doesn’t mean that juicers have zero value. For people who couldn’t use fruit and vegetables, juicers are great options for them. Also, juicers could serve some interesting purposes. For instance, these could fuel some interesting cocktail and punch opportunities.

But for day-to-day use, don’t consider a juicer. But you should consider using a blender for blending the fruit and vegetables such as kale or kiwi and convert them into salads. Well, you could grill them or eat them raw and ripe. Their fibre-packed solids have great value that many of you desire. Plus, you reduce waste, cut down mess, and connect with your food in a smart and deep way.

What are the best companies that are famous sellers of blenders in Pakistan?

We reviewed a lot of companies that are popular sellers of blenders in Pakistan. And, our chosen blenders are of affordable prices. Well, we found the following brand as the most successful seller of these machines:


Rays is a company of Al-Fatah Electronics that offers multiple household machines. Al-Fatah Electronics that is a project of Al-Fatah Group was established in the year, 1981. This firm sells home machines that are blenders, water dispensers, microwave ovens, and air conditioners, etcetera. And, the company has been reliably serving its clients for more than three decades.

Also, when we examined the blenders of Rays, we noticed that these machines are notable for having noteworthy attributes such as money-back guarantee, stylish product designs, and quality performance that is found verified through online customer reviews.

Model Name Type Price
BLENDER GRINDER RSA-3001 (2 IN 1) Blender and Grinder ₨2,850


BLENDER GRINDER RSA-1311 (2 IN 1) Blender and Grinder ₨6,000



Hopefully, you have understood everything regarding the causes for replacing your juicer with a blender. Now, only one point is left. Well, Rays sells standard blenders and is doing business for a long period. You might check its site and examine a lot of products there. This might be that you could find the item of your choice. Well, all is done from our side but not from yours. So, if you really like what we shared with you today, do comment below and share our blog piece with your dear ones so that they could be guided in buying high-quality blenders.

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