How to Select the Appropriate Water Heater?

With Winter season, nothing could beat a pleasant, comforting, and warm shower to pacify your body. Well, geysers or water heaters are one of the most significant home appliances. But, when you talk about buying a new geyser for your house, you must select the appliance carefully. Plus, water heaters use a considerable amount of electricity, and if you don’t choose the right product, this creates a dent in your pockets and leave for you heavy electricity bills. And, when you have to select a new geyser for your home, pick a water heater that not only provides you with enough hot water but also saves you energy effectively. So, you could save your money as well as give some aesthetic appearance to your home through a water heater.
Before purchasing a geyser, we should ponder on water heaters regarding their kinds, costs, energy efficiency, and the required size for your home.
You should consider the scenario below.

Imagine you reach home tired after a laborious day, and you cannot enjoy a hot water shower. Or if you cannot start your day during the winter with a hot shower, how would your day pass? Based on the size of your home, bathing requirements, and other factors, you could pick an instant water heater, or you might choose a storage water heater.
Before buying a geyser, this is essential to know various sorts of water heaters that are available in the market.

These are:-

Instant water heaters

As the name suggests, instant water heaters heat water without storing it and provide hot water within a short duration. Instant water heaters are also called demand-type geysers or water heaters. When you turn on the tap in your home, the cold water is moved to the tankless unit through a pipe and saves much energy for you.

Storage water heaters:

Such types of geysers offer a ready reservoir or storage tank of hot water. You don’t need to wait long for your turn in the shower. The water which is stored in the storage tank becomes heated when you turn on the system. And, as you employ a geyser, you’ll attain a constant flow of hot water until it’s almost done. Your entire family gets their share of hot water. Plus, based on the number of people of your family, you could either choose 10, 15, or 25 litre water heaters.

Gas water heaters

Also, electricity-based geysers or water heaters are booming, so the geysers which leverage the power of LPG and PNG gas are options to search for. These geysers or water heaters acquire their supply through gas pipelines and cylinders, and these appliances are highly energy-efficient machines.

Immersion water heaters

If you’re looking for a low-cost option of a geyser, immersion water heaters are the most famous and convenient heating appliances that supply instant hot water in the most energy-efficient and safest way. And, if you live in a hostel, immersion rod water heaters are safest as you could accommodate such appliances in any storing place.
When you have to select the best kind of water heaters for your house, consider the following factors:

Fuel type

The energy source you apply for water heating not only affects the water heater’s annual operation costs but also the size and energy efficiency of a geyser.

Size and orientation:

To provide your home with enough hot water and maximize efficiency, you have to use a water heater that could easily fit in your installation area. For buying a credible water heater, this is vital to consider its positioning as a factor.

Energy efficiency:

For maximizing energy and cost savings, you should know how energy-efficient a geyser or water heater is before buying the appliance.


Home appliances are attractive. A perfect water heater should provide us with warm water and maximum efficiency, but it should also increase the elegance of your bathroom. So, while buying a good geyser, do pay attention to the elegance requirements of a water heater.


Before you purchase a water heater, this is always advisable to estimate the annual operating costs of a geyser.

What is the best brand that is an effective seller of water heaters within Pakistan?

We reviewed a lot of brands for different sorts of geysers on the internet. But we found the following company as the most effective seller of water heaters in Pakistan:


Rays is a company of Al-Fatah Electronics that sells multiple household appliances. Al-Fatah Electronics (a project of Al-Fatah Group) was founded in 1981. This firm sells home appliances that involve water dispensers, microwave ovens, and air conditioners, etcetera. Plus, the company has been serving customers for more than three decades reliably.

When we examined several geysers of Rays, we noticed some remarkable points. These devices have high load capacity, energy-saving attribute, auto-ignition feature, cost-effective nature, and flameout protection, etcetera.

Model Name Geyser Capacity               Prices
Electric Water Heater 8G 8 G




Electric Water Heater 12G 12 G




Electric Water Heater FE15L Smart 15L ₨16,250


Electric Water Heater 15G 15 G




Hmm, that’s all what we wanted to share with you regarding how to choose the right water heater. Well, Rays sells quality geysers and has been operating for a long period. Now, you know everything that is needed to purchase geysers from a well-recognized company, Rays. And, if you want that your loved ones could purchase a quality geyser as well, share our blog piece with them asap.

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