Best Cooking Ranges for Meeting your Cooking Needs (2022)

Cooking ranges are becoming trendy in Pakistan nowadays. Why? Coz these kitchen appliances are being used to cook your favourite food items (e.g., pizzas, burgers, noodles, etc.) at one time and in one place. We’re here with two high-quality cooking ranges that would make your day. Now, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Rays cooking range RC-333SC:

When we carefully analysed Rays cooking range RC-333SC, we found the following notable points:

Multiple burners and standard oven:

This cooking range has three quality Chinese iron gas burners. So, you could easily cook multiple dishes at a time on those burners. Then, this machine also has a sturdy oven for credibly baking your fast-food items.

Quality handles:

The handles of this cooking range are made of aluminium; you could easily position them and without any fear due to their durability.

Strong top segment:

The top segment of this cooking range is durable for being made of strong metal. Therefore, feel free to use this big stove without any worry of damage.

Affordable price:

This appliance is cost-effective by nature. You could reliably purchase this appliance, and you won’t feel bad, for this machine isn’t pricey.

Attractive appearance:

The appliance has an elegant appearance; this would admirably suit the decor of your kitchen.

Rays 105SS-27 cooking cabinet:

When we examined Rays 105SS-27 cooking cabinet, we got the following remarkable points:

Rays 105SS-27 Cooking Range Baking Roasting & Grilling Oven

Several burners and other segments:

Several gas burners of this cooking range are made of sturdy materials. Then, the sides, panel, and top segment (glass-made) of this machine are made of a solid metal. Besides, this range has two strong, even, and glass ovens. That’s why you would feel completely relaxed while using this cooker due to its sturdiness at a significantly high level.

Magnificent look:

The look of this appliance is highly attractive that makes this machine noticeable for being placed in your kitchen.

Reasonable cost:

This appliance is inexpensive as compared to other appliances of its type in the local market.


Hopefully, you might have understood all the main points regarding the best cooking ranges for meeting your cooking needs. One more point. Rays (empowered by Connect Solutions) has been operating for a long period and selling quality cooking ranges. If you want to analyse the price and other attributes of cooking ranges on a reliable online store, do visit Rays website. Well, there are high-level chances that you might attain the product of your needs. Well, that’s all for today. Plus, keep on visiting our blog for more valuable pieces.

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