Five Advantages of Air Curtains (2022)

What does an air curtain do?

An air curtain or air door is a device that stops the escape of air or contaminants from one location to another. The typical air curtain design is a fan situated above the entrance of a building and points in the downward direction.

Well, if you’re an engineer, site manager or architect, you might not know all information that is needed to know about the advantages and prices involved for air curtains.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the five main benefits of air curtains.


1) Air curtains save space:

Firstly, building owners save much electric energy by installing an air curtain (an energy-efficient device). But air curtains could also reduce basic construction costs and maximise floor space. Coz air curtains are easy to be installed and sit gracefully at the top of the doorway.

2) These appliances provide comfort for your employees:

Air curtains employ less supplemental heat than other heaters that helps to improve employee comfort and reduce their liability by maintaining drier entryway floors during bad weather. This assists to keep traffic flow unimpeded, improve sanitation by lessening insect entry as well as keeping out dust and odour.

3) Air curtains help you save your energy:

Although air curtains do use electric energy during their operation, these could deliver net energy savings by decreasing heat transfer (this heat transfer takes place through mass transfer when the air of one space mixes across the edge) between two spaces.

A closed & well-sealed door is the final solution in decreasing energy loss. But if your business has to provide articles to pedestrians that are coming in and out, mostly the whole day, the advantages of a physical door are lost.

Tasked with cooling and heating a space with many customers coming through the door, the air curtains actually lead in an energy-efficient manner with many aspects. The air curtains let the doors remain open for a long duration and invite your potential customers enter into your centre off the street. These appliances also allow for much conditioned air inside the building so that it could not escape outside.

An air curtain and physical door could be utilised together. When the solid door is opened, the air curtain turns on and minimises the air exchange between the inside and outside areas.

Also, an air curtain might pay for itself within a few years by decreasing the cost of your building’s heating or AC system.

4) Ease of access and design flexibility:

Air curtains provide unseen barriers without affecting the building design and provide an unobtrusive block against outdoor elements. Plus, the air curtains are specifically effective in areas where doors are left open for long durations, and the doors have to be opened consistently throughout the day. Then, these appliances could even be used over entrances that need to be kept open for operational aims.

Moreover, the air curtains are not only useful at the main entrance points of companies but also installed at the entrance points of parking areas and food preparation zones, etc.

5) Air curtains offer a brief payback period:

The culmination of energy and construction savings add up to a potential one to three-year payback for an air curtain as compared to a more permanent and expensive construction choice.



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