How to Use a Washing Machine?

Washing machines are the most useful invention of this century. It makes laundry very easy and time-saving. Modern machines are designed in such a way that you don’t have to spend hours on laundry. You can do other home chores along with laundry at the same time. If you have bought a new machine and are not familiar with its programming and usage, then no need to worry. We have a complete guide about how to use a washing machine.

Step By Step Guide About How To Use Washing Machine:

This article is a must-read for you to know the complete step-by-step guide about washing machine usage. If you follow the following procedure, then we assure you that your laundry day will become an easy and pleasant day for you by getting neat and clean clothes.

Formation of Clothes Group:

Seems funny? But yes, you have to separate your clothes in form of groups. Put the white clothes in a group. Put those clothes in a separate group that loses the dye so that their dye cannot affect your other clothes. You can wash them with your hands lately. Make a group of your delicate clothes for hand washing or wash them in the washing machine in delicate program settings.

Set The Right Directions For The Machine:

Every machine has different built-in programs for washing cycles. The common feature in all is that they all have 3 cycles for different types of clothes.

  • The “Normal” Cycle is suitable for all types of your clothes.
  • The” Delicate” cycle is suitable for delicate accessories and clothes.
  • “Permanent cycle” is suitable for most dirty and heavy laundry e.g. bed sheets and blankets etc.

So, always choose the right cycle keeping in mind the nature of your laundry dresses.

Put The Detergent In The Washing Drum:

Some machines have a separate box to put the detergent but most of the top-loaded machines require putting detergent in the washing drum. Now the amount of detergent depends upon the quality of your detergent. Read the instructions carefully mentioned on the detergent packet.


Load The Machine:

Now load the machine with the laundry. Here the most important thing to remember is the machine’s capacity. Never overload your machine. It will result in machine disorder or unsatisfactory laundry.

Set The Washing Cycle:

Read this step carefully. Once you get understood, you never face a problem in operating a washing machine.

  • First of all, choose the cycle according to the loaded laundry.
  • Set the water level and water temperature.” Cold” for delicate clothes,” warm” for normal clothes, and” hot” for extra dirty clothes.
  • After that set the washing time and then set the rinsing cycle repetition.
  • After that, set the spinning time to dry the laundry.

Some machines have separate spinning systems. So, you have to wait for the washing cycle. When it gets over, you can set the spinning time.

Ta-dah! You are now familiar with operating a washing machine.


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