Rays Super Washing Machines | Best washing machines in Pakistan

In today’s world, there are a lot of options for everything you use to fulfil your basic needs. There are several choices for each appliance or electronic device when you go to the market. And, choosing the right product for yourself is highly difficult. When you talk about washing machines, the same rule is applied. Washing machines are essential for fulfilling the washing requirements of our homes.

If you’re confused about the features and differences you see among various washing machines, especially when you search for the best washing machine online, we got you covered. There are some factors or attributes that you have to consider before buying a washing machine.

Differentiating factors for washing machines

1- Kind of loading:

There are two loading choices that are available for washing machines. You need to select one washing machine when the front load and top load machines are available. And, there are not many differences between the two, but both of them have their respective pros and cons.

2- Functions of washing machines:

Well, the functionality of washing machines does differ. Your washing machine could be a traditional, semi-automatic, or fully-automatic washing machine. Which washing machine you want to get, this depends on your budget and requirements entirely.

3- Capacity of washing machines:

The capacity you select for your washing machine relies on the kind of frequency of washing, the size of your family, and the number of clothes that you want to wash daily.

Best washing machines in Pakistan

Rays (the best brand of washing machines based on our online analysis) is a brand of Al-Fatah Electronics that offers several home appliances for sale. Al-Fatah Electronics, a project of Al-Fatah Group, was founded in 1981. This company sells household appliances that include microwave ovens, water dispensers, and air conditioners, etc. And, it has been serving customers for more than three decades.

Washing Mashing Model Type Washing Machine Price in Pakistan


Rays Dryer 777 Metal SINGLE TUB ₨16,000




TWIN TUB W/M RWM-1000 TWIN TUB ₨23,500


Rays Twin Tub W/M 896 Metal TWIN TUB ₨25,000

When we reviewed several washing machines of Rays, we concluded some notable points for you. These machines have high durability for having strong materials such as copper, energy- saving ability for being cost-effective, Japanese electrical steel sheet and high-grade copper wire, rust-resistant powder-coated paint, imported pre-painted galvanized steel for long-lasting performance, and highly efficient nature due to double action pulsator, etc.

Hopefully, you might have understood all points regarding Rays super washing machines. So, do visit Rays online store for getting your effective appliance(s). There are high chances that you might get the product of your choice. Hmm, that’s all for today. And, don’t forget to revisit our blog for more beneficial, engaging, and useful blog pieces.

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